New album: Killer Hearts || Skintight Electric

Opening the record with some high octane guitars, fast drumming and the vocals howling oeh’s and aah’s, Killer Hearts from the get-go provide you with two options on their debut full-length Skintight Electric: you’ll either hate us or love us. But either way, the Houston band (w/ members of Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones, and The Wrong Ones) play their energetic version of glampunk’n’roll with full conviction. It’s not just the denim and leather, there’s a decidedly ’70s vibe to the songs of Killer Hearts – imagine New York Dolls, but faster and louder. Killer Hearts harbour a sense of suspense and meanness and I wouldn’t be surprised if Killer Hearts sound even more intense in their live shows.

That album opener of course is Get Some, a song that was already making some waves last year. It’s a major hit, and made me mark Skintight Electric as an album to look forward to. It was originally slated for a 2020 release, but with the pandemic and all (or vinyl press delays, who knows) the record took another year to land, and I almost forget about the band. Fortunately, Skintight Electric does not disappoint and shows that Get Some was no fluke, but rather their standard of quality.

Then again, Skintight Electric is the kind of record where its release date is inconsequential. Regardless of it being released in 1977, 2020 or 2021, there will always be an audience for this kind of music when it’s executed this well.

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