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In our Gimme 5 feature with Massage, the band shared 5 albums that influenced their sophomore album Still Life. Today marks the release of the record, and although I sorta kinda already reviewed it in the Gimme 5 (“There is a warmth, vulnerability and delicateness to the music of Still Life that, in combination with the band’s songwriting chops, gives these songs that little extra that helps to distinguish a lovable record from a likeable record…I have no doubt Still Life will end up in many AOTY lists.”), I’d like to add some words if only to remind you of the sheer quality of this one.

First things first. We need to talk about how perfect of a pop song Made Of Moods is. Remember how Bill Murray woke up to I Got You Babe every day in Groundhog Day to his increased frustration? If that alarm clock song would have been Made Of Moods, he at the very least experienced three and a half joyful minutes each day. It’s one of those songs that I enjoy each and every second of, with it’s jangly guitars and hushed vocals that almost have a Beach Boys vibe, especially in the verse. Truly, it’s a song for the ages. But the best news about Still Life is that it offers eleven additional underground pop gems. If I had to list everything I like about this record, I would get no work done today. But let me randomly point out two other highlights as a quick sample. Sticks & Stones has a great chorus with lyrics that warm your heart (“And I know || There is nothing I can say || There is nothing I can do || There is nothing I would change || About you”). And then there is Michael Is My Girlfriend, a song that has everything I liked about the first Massage record – still rooting for a repress of that one by the way. It’s a short and simple and straightforward delightful jangle pop hit. Okay, final thought: this record keeps getting better with each play. So make sure you do at least a couple of spins before you make up your mind about it.

Half Life is a co-release between Mt. St. Mtn., Tear Jerk and Bobo Integral Records and is out now!
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