New song: Massage || In Gray & Blue (Single Version)

Has there ever been a time where music was this superflous, where music was this readily available? In the current musical landscape, discovering new music often can feel like fleeting encounters. Bands can release really great records that are well received by fans and critics alike, but they still can get lost in the steady overflow of new music.

Given these developments, I am happy to see a band I really like being the exception to that rule. Massage released their sophomore album Still Life last June, but  positive reviews of their record still frequently pop up, and influential djs and playlist curators increasingly are adding their songs into rotation. It’s well deserved, and proof of the longevity of the record.

As a special treat, Massage plans to put out a second 2021 release on December 10th. The six song Lane Line EP features three new songs, two demos (vinyl only), and an alternate version of the excellent Still Life track In Gray & Blue. Watch the video below. Oh, and if you’ve missed it, check out the Gimme 5 feature we did with the band in which they discuss five of their inspirational records.

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