New album: Les Envahisseurs || Monkey Monk

Monkeys are just as popular in the music world as they are in the zoo. Lots of good songs about them: Monkey Man (The Specials), Monkey Business (Skid Row), The Ape (The Green Bananas), Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey (The Beatles), King Kong Five (Mano Negra), Monkey Gone To Heaven (Pixies), Monkey Wrench (Foo Fighters), Very Ape (Nirvana), Monkey On Your Back (The Outsiders), Too Much Monkey Business (Chuck Berry), and so on, and so on. The latest addition to this list is also a good one. Canadian ye-ye / garage rock band Les Envahisseurs are back with their second album Monkey Monk, after their debut full length Garage Monkeys (2018) and their single Do The Fonz (from 2017, but on the new album). This is garage rock as garage rock is intended: 11 short but powerful, danceable songs, sung (partly in French) and played with enthusiasm. Monkey Monk is one not to be viewed from a distance, but to bring into your home. Out now digitally and on vinyl LP via Family Spree Recordings.

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