New album: Coruscants || Coruscants

Coruscants is what happens when members of ramonescore acts Parasite Diet, The Barariettes, Classic Pat & The Putz! share a love for the Star Wars prequels and the Riverdales. On Coruscants, the trio (under their new names Kylo Ben, Dan Solo & Dan Dodonna) play the first Riverdales album note for note with a Star Wars themed update. Fun Tonight becomes Podrace Tonight, Judy Go Home becomes Jar Jar Go Home, Wanna Be Alright becomes Wanna Be A Jedi. You get the picture. It’s well executed and a fun distraction, and sometimes that’s all you need. Out now on not so cheap vinyl at Outloud! Records. Oh, and if you want more Star Wars & Riverdales crossover tunes, make sure to also check the bands reworking of The Riverdales’ Storm The Streets (Stormtrooper The Streets). (Note: feel like you are missing some context? Wookieepedia has got you covered.)

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