New album: Western Threads || Cowboys in Montmartre

Western Threads sounded “too country” for the indie labels and “too indie” for the country labels, as the band’s singer / songwriter Jacob Lewis told us earlier in a GIMME 5 post about the inspiration for their debut album Cowboys in Montmartre, that has finally been released. The ten songs about love, death, sex, murder, and friendship don’t have the sharp edges of The Vaselines’ music (one of the main influences), and are therefore somewhat easier on the ears. While listening, my feet unconsciously moved continuously with the rhythm of the drums and screeching guitar. The fact that the voices of Jacob Lewis and Ainsley Richter alternate and then come together again creates a pleasant balance. For what it’s worth, for Add To Wantlist the band from Austin, Texas sounds just right.

Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

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