New album: Nuevos Hobbies || Monstruoso

New Hobbies! Is there are more positive and concise way to frame the past 12 months? It makes for a great bandname as well. Nuevos Hobbies are from Pamplona, Spain. They named their latest record Monstruoso, an even more concise (and more truthful?) way to describe the past year. The ten song on Monstruoso were recorded right before the first lockdown. It was inspired by the tension its band members experience between personal hapiness and not wanting to harm the planet. It’s something most of us can relate to, and even though I don’t speak Spanish, I quite enjoy what I am hearing. Nuevos Hobbies play indiepop with a capital P, with dashes of sixties pop, jangle, and the occasional hint of northern soul. Monstruoso is the perfect soundtrack to starting this saturday slowly, drinking coffee and reading the paper. Out now on Hurrah! Música.

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