New album: Randolph’s Leap || Spirit Level

Randolph’s Leap sometimes is a solo project by Adam Ross from Glasgow (Scotland), but on the just released Spirit Level, Randolph’s Leap are a collective of eight. The songs on Spirit Level sound upbeat and joyful, despite being written in a turbulent time in Ross’ life. Part of that joyfulness comes from the occasional horns, keyboard, violion and sugarsweet nananana backup choirs in their indiepop sound. The other part comes from Ross’ voice, which is pleasant yet vulnerable and not unlike Ramesh Srivastava of Voxtrot. Ross is a prolific songwriter; he released over 40 home-recordings last year. Based on the songs on Spirit Level, he has yet to come across the bottom of his well of creativity. Put simply, Spirit Level is a joy to listen to. The sun is out today. I am no weather man, but it may be due to this release. Check out their video for Moment Passed, which offers a reminder of the importance of taking your music seriously, but not taking yourself seriously. Out now on Fika Recordings (UK).

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