New album: The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness || Songs From Another Life

I appreciate it when a band’s name is diagnostic of its sound. Here is a prime example. The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness are Andrew Taylor and Gonzalo Marcos. With one member living in Scotland and the other Spain, they took the Postal Service route in producing their latest record. Although I liked their previous one (Dead Calm), I admit to not having purchased it. With the new record however, I immediately have that urge to click on add to cart. The indie pop on Songs From Another Life sounds confident yet delicate, and the strummy and jangly guitars makes me long for spring. Some songs sound like straight up Teenage Fanclub worship, but in a good way. Fans of The Byrds and Big Star will probably dig this as well. And yes, I am totally copying these names from the press release, but they make too much sense not to. The colorful album art is pretty good too, and will brighten up (m)any home(s) as well. With this release, and the ones by The Laughing Chimes and Farewell Horizontal, this has been an excellent release week for fans of top-notch indiepop.

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