New album: Farewell Horizontal || An Argument With An Idiot

Melbourne has around 5 million inhabitants and I am starting to believe that its bands may in fact exceed that number. Here is another example of the quality indiepop and -rock that is coming out of that Australian city. Farewell Horizontal are Pat (guitar, bass, vocals) and Lauren (drums). They are prolific songwriters who plan to release an album every time they have ten songs that they are content with and their health allows it – Pat recently recovered from a life changing lung transplant. With the exception of the 6-minute opener Freud’s Shit Nephew, An Argument With An Idiot contains mostly songs around the two minute mark. It’s a diverse record musically, full of wry humor lyrically. Album closer Doesn’t Matter, No One Cares (below) is an instant favorite, but this record feels like a grower. By the way, as if this duo needs any more goodwill, they donate their share of bandcamp revenues to charities.

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