New album: Farewell Horizontal || You’re Not An Empath

Melbourne duo Farewell Horizontal return with their second album of 2021 (and third in total) – more on their previous record here. Like their previous record, You’re Not An Empath again is short but sweet, and filled with quality indie rock and jangle pop. Farewell Horizontal is a band that values integrity and is full of heart and empathy: They again will donate most, if not all of the sales of the record to worthy causes. The band likes to stay away from the traps of social media and have their own website to communicate and connect. That website is worth a visit, and I recommend listening to You’re Not An Empath while reading the band’s backstory for each of the songs. Another strong record by an underrated band.

I give up trying to be interesting || yeah I give up taking interests in things that I don’t like || All these paintings are just junk || everyone’s a pretentious drunk || Unless you’ve got some ideas || I give up || Yeah, I give up

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