New album: Hanemoon || Last Thing I Heard

Just because we haven’t written about the new Teenage Fanclub record, doesn’t mean we do not like it. We just prefer to use our limited time to write about acts that receive less attention from major music outlets. Take this new record by German band Hanemoon – which I imagine is how Arnold Schwarzenegger pronounces Honeymoon. There is a 95% likelihood that you will like their record Last Thing I Heard if you like Teenage Fanclub. That is not to say that Hanemoon is a Teenage Fanclub tribute band, it’s just that the band has that same knack for gentle strumming and jangling guitars, hushed singing, and all around solid songwriting.  It’s Hanemoon’s second album, and my first taste of the music of Hans Forster. If you like Last Thing I Heard (which reminded me of another 2021 great janglepop release by TBWTPN), make sure to also check Hanemoon’s first record Mammals and Forster’s previous band Seaside Stars. Last Thing I Heard is out June 4th. Stream now and pre-order the CD at Jigsaw Records.

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