New album: Barmudas || Every Day Is Saturday Night

Italian four-piece Barmudas take their band’s name from the unknown Barmuda district in Florence’s old town, the last bastion against the invasion of zombie-tourists, hipsters, indie posers, baristas, cover bands, fashion influencers and snob-intellectuals, a place where outsiders with poor taste in look, music and artistic stuff rule. In short, the perfect environment for a dirty glittered shiny cheap mixture of raucous rock ‘n’ roll, and that’s exactly what Smendock (voals), Luca Nacker (bass), King-Dom guitar), and Zak (drums) play. They just released their full-length debut album Every Day is Saturday Night, and the expectations raised by the cover art are satisfied by the music. This is crazee glam rock for those who like Pink Boots & Lipstick, ten energetic party tunes to stomp on (Rock the Barmudas!) and shout along (Shake A Shaker!). Stream the full album below. Highly recommended for fans of Giuda, Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs, New Swears (or for the older readers: Slade, New York Dolls, Sweet). The speakers just blew up at Add To Wantlist HQ, be warned.

Every Day is Saturday Night is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Area Pirata Records.

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New album: Fuzz Gun || Silverstoned

Garage rock comes in all shapes and sizes, and one rehearsal room is not like another. Although Portland, Oregon six-piece Fuzz Gun say they play dirty, fuzzy rock ‘n’ roll, I suspect they’re a lot tidier than many other bands in the genre (note: I wrote this before watching the video below ;-)). The guitar riffs may be heavy, and the lead vocals gritty, but they manage to avoid an overcrowded wall of sound; the instruments give each other space and the handclaps, backup vocals, and clear production provide a nice contrast. Not unimportant, the starting point is good, because Todd Eaton (vocals, guitar, keys, percussion), Robert Trujillo (bass), Mark Wanaka (guitar), Brian Smith (drums, percussion), Lori Van Dreal (vocals), and Ditte Kuijpers ( vocals) know how to write catchy songs. They prove that eight times in a row on their new full-length album Silverstoned. Listen carefully, because the band members challenge you: four tracks were already recorded in the studio before the pandemic broke out, the other 4 tracks were recorded remotely by themselves. Can you distinguish which is which?

Stream the full LP below.

Silverstoned is out now digitally. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

New album: Mike Skill || Skill…Mike Skill

You know The Romantics’ 1979 hit What I Like About You, right? You’ve probably heard it many times (just like their other hits, but that aside), but Mike Skill, co-founding member of the American rock band, has made a new version of the classic party anthem for his debut solo album, self-titled in the James Bond way: Skill…Mike Skill. With The Romantics touring halted during the pandemic, he turned to songwriting in his home studio, reflecting on the music that he grew up with. The old rocker recorded 11 original songs – he did the vocals, guitars, and bass – along with Brad Elvis, and Kevin Rankin. In addition, Wayne Kramer, Chloe F. Orwell, and Patrick Harwood also stopped by for guest appearances. Chuck Alkazian was in the producer’s chair.

What do you do on your first solo LP after four decades of The Romantics? Exactly, doing what you are good at: playing loud! These new power-pop tracks are catchy as can be, with good old-fashioned guitar solos and drum breaks, to dance and sing along to. In both the lyrics and the vocals you can hear the experience and life on the road from all those years ago. This is a debut rooted in the past but to be cherished in the present, a debut to be very proud of. Stream the full album below.

“I’m an Iggy Sympathizer // A Scott Rationalizer // A Wayne K Rocker // A Fred Sonic Shocker // And Matheu on the lens // With a Sonic Rendezvous mobster // Got Ron and Scott haulin’ // A Locomotive Destroyin’ Monster / Yeah yeah yeah” – from We Got Your Rock’n Roll

Skill…Mike Skill is out now digitally, a vinyl LP will follow later this year. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

New album: Velvet Starlings || Technicolour Shakedown

Fans of the Teenage Shutdown! compilations should pay attention now. With their 60s infused garage rock ‘n’ roll, you could have found Californian four-piece Velvet Starlings on one of those great LPs, but that’s not the case, this is brand new music. The band was formed a few years ago by young lead singer, guitarist and organ player Christian Gisborne, and rounded out by Foster Poling (drums), Hudson Polling (bass), and Ashton Minnich (second guitar). You really should see these guys live, but due to the fact that they couldn’t tour during the lockdown, they recorded their new LP Technicolour Shakedown (although they already released an album in 2019, they see this one as their official debut, and there’s also already news about their next one, Pacific Standard Time, which you can expect Summer 2022). These ten tracks carry everything that makes the genre – fuzzy garage rock, flooded with a wave of psych – so enjoyable: a raucous sound to jump on and crowdsurf to, gritty vocals, and enthusiastic lyrics (from the title track: “It don’t matter now if you’re Beatles or Stones // Not the style of ya hair or your colorful clothes // All the kids are alright in the crowd down below // Louder their shoutin’ // Turn it up and turn it on”) . This is your new favorite band, enjoy!

Technicolour Shakedown is out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP via Sound x3 Records, Symphonic Distribution, Golden Robot Records, and Kitten Robot Records.

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New album: Semihelix || Recoil

Austin, Texas singer/guitarist Geannie Friedman played in hardcore band Kite Flying Society, and in two pop bands Saving Twilight, The Weak Ends, and the Wonderers, before starting Semihelix. Initially it was a solo project, but now Kevin Martin (bass), and Valdemar Barrera (drums) are part of the lineup. The trio plays fuzzy dream psych pop with melodic yet loud sounds. Their full-length debut album Recoil is about resilience, love, depression, uplifting others, and bouncing back. I can imagine that the band members are gazing at their shoes one moment, and staring into nothingness the next, but in between look at you defiantly. The ten songs on this record are light and dark at the same time, mixing emotions, and enchanting you slowly but surely.

Recoil is out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP via Mariel Recording Company. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

New album: The Oddfellows || What’s Your And Mine

Singaporean indie band The Oddfellows was formed in 1987, but is still active making music today. Patrick Chng (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Kelvin Tan (guitars, vocals), Vincent Lee (bass, vocals), and Johnny Ong (drums) were widely acclaimed for their infectious melodies, honest songwriting and good vibes in the early 1990s. On their new (third) full-length album What’s Your And Mine they prove that again, 29(!) years after their previous studio LP. They now even sing about a New Future (about living in the pandemic period, with more cowbell), and the lyrics of Where’s Your Heart? show that they have moved with the times (“K-pop stars and YouTube streams // A billion likes, oh what a tease // You’re so hard to please”). These are eleven new original songs with influences from 70’s power pop, 80’s American college rock, and 90’s UK indie bands, sympathetic guitar songs made for 2021. RIYL Teenage Fanclub, The Posies, The Chills.

What’s Your And Mine is out now digitally, and will be released on CD and vinyl LP by Teenage Head Records at a later date.

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New EP: Daffodil Pill || Yup

The danger of making eclectic music is that it doesn’t make sense, because if you want to be everything, it can just turn out to be nothing. Polish four-piece hippie rock band Daffodil Pill know how to make it work. Filip Dudek (vocals, piano, percussion, special effects), Dawid Stawiarz (guitar), Mateusz Wróblewski (bass), Adam Chmura (drums, percussion, djembe) mix surf music with psychedelic acid trips, elements of progressive rock and a variety of other musical styles. The four tracks on their debut EP Yup, however, are an organic whole, with four tracks that are strongly constructed, intensely sung, with fascinating combinations of instruments. It’s a trip that lasts 18 minutes, a trip that is accessible but also exciting, surprising, compelling and funky. This certainly makes sense.

The Yup EP is out now digitally. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

New single: The Thunderbeats || Fuzz Hooligans

As if it were the most natural thing in the world: Russian rhythm and blues four-piece The Thunderbeats (Moscow) have released their new killer single Fuzz Hooligans on independent American label Otitis Media Records (Texas). From a musical point of view this isn’t really strange, because Aleksey Cherniaev (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Vadim Markov (bass, vocals), Aleksey Loparevich (organ, percussion, vocals), Oleg Peskov (drums) play in the tradition of garage rock originated in the US. To their already rich discography they have built up since 2013, they now add four catchy classics-to-be with awesome hooks and enjoyable vocal harmonies (“Hey! Hey!” in Say Hey, “Na Na Na! Na Na Na Na!” in Make You Mine), and the title track is a great instrumental. Press play below to dance along with these fuzz hooligans for ten minutes! And then again!

Out now on 7″ vinyl through Otitis Media Records. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

New album: Goodbye Honolulu || Goodbye Honolulu

Appealing music sounds familiar but at the same time offers something new – uncertainty and surprise should not deviate too much from expectations. Toronto four-piece Goodbye Honolulu understands that principle very well. Emmett S Webb (vocals, guitar, bass), Jacob Switzer (vocals, guitar, bass, hand claps), Fox Martindale (vocals, guitar, organ), and Max Bornstein (vocals, drums, drum machine, percussion, hand claps) -four individual songwriters and three frontmen – never stick to one sound: on your ibingo card with influences you can check off garage rock, new wave, power-pop, glam, and electronic music. After three EPs,  More Honey (2018), No Honey (2017) and Heavy Gold (2016; one of my favorites at the time), they have now released their self-titled full-length debut album, described by the band as their “dream record” – 13 original songs with a perfect balance between familiar and surprising. For example, the intro to Over and Over is somewhat reminiscent of Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive, and Get the Denim echoes The Specials’ Little Bitch (aka The Dandy Warhols’ Bohemian Like You), but before you can imagine the accompanying lyrics, Goodbye Honolulu has already made it its own. Anyway, this is a successful eclectic mix of catchy songs with strong riffs. Bingo!

“You gotta tell me how to make things right // But don’t teach me how to live my life // I don’t wanna save my soul // All I know is rock ‘n’ roll”

Goodbye Honolulu is out now through Stray Dog Records. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

New album: Ducks Ltd. || Modern Fiction

With the release of the expanded re-issue of their debut EP Get Bleak, we expressed our hope that more music from Toronto’s Ducks Ltd would soon follow, and look: here’s the full-length album Modern Fiction, with ten new original jangle-pop songs. Tom McGreevy (lead vocal, guitar, bass, keyboards) and Evan Lewis (guitar, bass, drum programming) sound even more confident than before, and that’s completely justified if you know how to write and perform one standout track after the other. The duo is standing on the shoulders of the genre’s pioneers – bands like The Clean, The Chills, The Bats, Television Personalities, and Look Blue Go Purple paved the way – but this record sounds as fresh and clear as possible in 2021 (hence the title – nerd alert – taken from a university course called Gnosticism and Nihilism in Modern Fiction, influenced by Graham Greene novels). Anyway, this is an LP that provides a warm feeling, that more than lives up to my expectations, with melodies to cherish. Labelmates The Beths do backing harmonies on a few songs, and a string quartet can also be heard here and there. Highly recommended for fans of Rolling Blackouts CF.

Modern Fiction is out now digitally, on CD, and vinyl LP through Carpark Records.

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