New album: Motorists || Touched By The Stuff

I really enjoyed Motorists’ 2021 debut LP Surrounded. The follow-up LP Touched By The Stuff is out today on Bobo Integral and We Are Time, and it’s almost like listening to a different band. In fact, I might even like the new LP better. Surrounded laid a nostalgic filter over a blend of jangly power pop and post-punk. What makes Touched By The Stuff so different is not just the more polished production but also the deliberate writing process. Surrounded had the spontaneity of practice space serendipity, while the new LP showcases songs that feel meticulously crafted and refined.

I loved the power pop-oriented songs on Surrounded, and this is where the new LP truly shines. The first three songs are upbeat anthems (with a touch of Britpop) that will delight fans of modern power pop but also have the potential to draw in a much broader audience. The opening salvo is followed by Embers, which I imagine Big Star would sound like if they were still around in 2024, and the Weezeresque L.O.W. If there is any doubt, Motorists’ new LP is a declaration of arena-size readiness!

If you liked Best Bets’ On An Unhistoric Night as much as I did, you’ll love the new direction of Motorists. The infectious hooks, polished production, and thoughtful songwriting make Touched By The Stuff a fun and memorable listen from start to finish.

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