New album: Yea-Ming and The Rumours || I Can’t Have It All

Yea-Ming Chen has done it again, delivering the perfect remedy for my noise-battered ears with her latest LP alongside The Rumours – featuring familiar collaborators Eóin Galvin (lead guitar, lap steel, backing vocals) and Sonia Hayden (drums, percussion), with fresh faces Jen Weisberg (Hits) and Luke Robbins (Latitude) joining in on the rhythm section.

I Can’t Have It All is simply a wonderful pop record. Expect intimate and melancholic jangly indie pop, sprinkled with subtle ’60s girl group vibes, along with folk and country influences that shine like rays of sunshine on a cloudy day. Or, as some might say: really good music. The album boasts the fullest and most accomplished sound yet from this Bay Area band.

I Can’t Have It All has a warm, nostalgic atmosphere that is both refreshing and comforting. I first played the record on the train home after a long day. Its effect? Instead of multitasking on my phone, I found myself staring out the window, fully immersed in the music. This is the kind of record that slows down everything around. It’s not just good for the ears — it’s soothing for the soul.

I Can’t Have It All is out today on Dandy Boy Records. Don’t miss out!

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