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“Most people are too lazy to open the door when opportunity knocks,” reads one of the enduring quotes from the legacy of MAD magazine’s Alfred E Neuman. New Italian garage rock outfit MaDDaM likes a challenge, and draws inspiration for their songs from the famous character – hence the band name and cover art. Their music is more than a gimmick, though.

We’re talking about a new project from Damiano Cason and Damiano “Wilson” Negrisoli, a kind of less strict continuation of Damianals (there, band members had to have the same first name), featuring musicians from Bee Bee Sea and al/paca. Their self-titled debut LP consists of nine guitar-driven tunes, somewhere between hook-packed power pop and melodic garage punk. MAD’s boy can be proud of this soundtrack.

MaDDaM’s self-titled album – recorded by Giovanni Bottoglia, mixed by Marco Fasolo, and mastered by Riccardo Zamboni – is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Wild Honey Records (Europe) and Green Noise Records (US).

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