New album: Classic Pat || Won’t Back Down

Classic Pat, aka Patrick McVay (Ghost Party, The Putz, The Practice Run), has the curiosity of a youngster and the fearlessness of an adolescent. He asks and acts with zero filter. In a recent covers project, titled Why Not? Vol. 1 & 2, he fearlessly tackled the La Bamba soundtrack and Tiffany’s debut album. And if my intel is correct, McVay is also the mastermind behind Coruscants, a quirky endeavor that reimagines the Riverdales’ discography in the Star Wars universe — because why not?!

The latest question Pat has asked is what happens when I attempt to write a Queers record? The answer? A double whammy of pop-punk goodness! Won’t Back Down is a veritable hit factory, raising the bar for any pop punk release in 2024. Clearly, Classic Pat likes his Queers at their most pop and bubblegummy. The nod to the classic Queers record is fully intentional, because sonically, this is Don’t Back Down era Queers. And like The Queers did on that one, Classic Pat covers a Beach Boys tune as well, an extremely fun version of Do You Remember.

For the record, Won’t Back Down doesn’t sound like a direct copy of the Queers record, but it’s easy to imagine these songs being written by Joe Queer. Then again, I am sure fans of Geoff Palmer’s Pulling Out All the Stops will like this record as well. But let’s be real—who needs specific album references with a record like this one.

Keep asking questions Classic Pat, and keep responding! Won’t Back Down is out now on CD at Mom’s Basement Records.

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