New albums: Coruscants || Invasion Utapau & Krykna

Coruscants return for the fourth and fifth installment of their ramonescore mashup of Star Wars and Riverdales. Both records were recorded last month at The Bonus Room in Columbia, TN and are already available for streaming. The idea behind Coruscants is straightforward: take the songs from Riverdales, rewrite the lyrics towards Star Wars geekyness, change the song titles, and repeat for every LP The Riverdales ever recorded.

This time, the trio (Kylo Ben, Dan Solo & Dan Dodonna, who you may know under a different name in bands such as Parasite Diet, The Barariettes, Classic Pat & The Putz!) tackle The Riverdales’ Invasion USA on Invasion Utapau and transform Tarantula into Krykna. I have no idea what Ben Weasel thinks of Coruscants, but I think they are pretty fun!

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