New album: Kid Chameleon || In Pursuit Of The Cedars (IV) LP

Kid Chameleon is a sneaky good jangly guitar pop project out of Sheffield (UK) with a back catalogue that is a treasure cove of gems. The latest album by the prolific Liam James Marsh- the Bandcamp page lists seven additional projects he is or was involved in, is In Pursuit Of The Cedars. It is a wonderful collection of songs and another example of how each subsequent Kid Chameleon record is just a touch better than the previous one.

Marsh wrote and scrapped most of the music a year ago, then revisited and finished In Pursuit Of The Cedars early 2024. The record is instantly enjoyable, but given the lo-fi yet warm production and the subtle songwriting, it actually is a grower. Close your eyes and envision these songs with a fuller, electrified band sound and it’s the best Teenage Fanclub record you haven’t heard yet. But it’s not just sonically that Kid Chameleon delivers, the lyrical content invites introspection and contemplation, adding an extra layer of depth to appreciate. Impressive stuff!

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