New EP: Girl With A Hawk || Keep ‘Er Lit

I would like to point out Keep ‘Er Lit, the debut EP by Girl With A Hawk, a Boston rock band led by indie scene veteran Linda S. Viens. The singer-songwriter explains that “it’s exploring what it means to not just choose to go on, but to thrive and do right by those that depend on us, it’s about the sheer guts it takes to live, and keep your heart open” ((the EP title is taken from an old Irish expression that loosely translates to ‘do not stop’). These aren’t empty words if you read the background story about the highs and especially the lows of 2023 on Bandcamp, a journey that is reflected in the EP’s five songs, compiling four previous singles – The Romantic, Feel Me, The Ones and Same Stars – supplemented with uplifting new one Good Enough. It’s 20 minutes of enervating pop-rock, in which guitars bite viciously at times, but the strong vocals keep everything together – music for which you would turn up the radio.

Keep ‘Er Lit, produced by Richard Lamphear and Linda Viens, is out now digitally and on CD through Rum Bar Records. Featuring Linda Viens (vocals, acoustic guitar), Richard Lamphear (guitar, backing vocals), Daniel Coughlin (guitars, backing vocals), Lee Harrington (bass, backing vocals) and Nancy Delaney (drums, backing vocals).

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