New album: Parsnip || Behold

Parsnip’s second LP Behold, recorded in three sessions spread across three years, is something else. On the surface, it’s a smoothly flowing and expertly executed indie pop gem, a satisfying listen in its own right. But delve deeper, and you’ll uncover why music writers are showering Parsnip with accolades like “album of the week/month/year.”

Behold isn’t just an album; it’s a world waiting to be explored. The level of inspiration and creativity showcased here matches the impressive musicianship of Parsnip’s four members: Paris Richens (bass), Carolyn Hawkins (drums), Stella Rennex (guitar and saxophone), and Rebecca Liston (keyboard), all lending their voices to the mix. Together, they operate like a finely tuned orchestra, not the classical kind, but one blending garage pop, psych, post-punk, and underground pop into an unique sonic concoction.

So put this record on. Sit down, look outside. Let the music draw you in. Enjoy the adventure!

Behold is out now through Anti Fade Records and Upset The Rhythm.

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