New album: David Christian || Rekkords!

British singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist David Christian (Comet Gain) is accountable for this week’s quirkiest album, a noisy 13-track solo tribute to vinyl records: “Not enough time and not enough money and they keep releasing them and finding them, so here’s some songs about them and the people who make them.” A premise we can only applaud, and although the execution is wobbly and the sound lo-fi, every word and note come from the heart, and that’s what really matters. It’s a pleasant fan lesson in music history, with a lot of name-dropping (do yourself a favor and read the explanation the artist gives for each tune on Bandcamp, pure poetry), and reportedly there is still enough material for parts 2 and 3. “The circle willl never be unbroken!”

Rekkords! is out now digitally (self-released). Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

Update (December 8): As a kind of addition – similar in concept and sound – Comet Gain has put the (I Hate) Christmas Records! EP online.

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