New singles: gremlin || same fate​/​bliss & 1​-​800​-​GREMLIN

Seemingly out of nowhere, Cincinatti’s Gremlin have popped up, releasing two singles within the last three weeks. I have zero information about the band, but it appears this is the first music the band puts out.

Sonically, gremlin reside in the egg punk multiverse – Cherry Cheeks fans should take note. Gremlin are no copy cats though, and they have already carved a niche for itself though. It’s one that implies musical talent and broad musical tastes, and a talent for writing hits. The four-song 1-800-GREMLIN was released first and it’s nothing short of a blast. I mean, Soft Violence? Wow! Why Fight? Yes! Those warped gang vocals get me everytime.

It is insane to say this, but the same fate/bliss single may be even better. Gremlin rules!

Both singles out now at Softail Recordings

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