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ISTA is the New York-based ‘psychedelic disco-rock’ five-piece featuring songwriter Rex Costello, Oliver Hart, Diona West, Theadora Curtis and Evan Eubanks. Last month they released their self-titled debut LP, and it sounds more attractive than you would expect based on its designation as ‘psychedelic disco rock’. Probably ‘groovy neo-psychedelic indie garage rock with a touch of post-punk’ better describes what you’re going to hear? It is mean guitar riffs, pulsing rhythms and electrifying harmony vocals – not atmosphereless electronics – that predominate here, and they pour wild and funky rock ‘n’ roll over us in thirteen danceable songs with a 70s feel. Their combination of eclecticism and enthusiasm is as infectious as can be.

ISTA’s self-titled album, produced by Sam Cohen, is out now digitally, on cassette, CD and vinyl 2LP (self-released).

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