New album: ELOKIM || כ​פ​ל​י​י​ם

ELOKIM (אלוקים) is a garage rock duo from Israel, featuring Eliran Bibi on guitar and Kim Slavinsky on drums. Their manic guitar outbursts, primitive drum thumping, sharp vocals, heavy blues influences and red/black cover art make them reminiscent of The White Stripes, but they sing in Hebrew and that alone makes them truly unique. On their debut album כ​פ​ל​י​י​ם – seven tracks in twenty-two minutes – they play dangerous and dirty rock ‘n’ roll, intense and irrepressible, like a whirlwind that lifts you up for a wild experience. This is an extraordinary performance in every way.

כ​פ​ל​י​י​ם, producted by Gai Banomi, is out now digitally via Bore Olam.

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