New album: Various Artists || Saturday Morning Lineup (Memorable But Not Honorable Records Compilation)

I guess we could have included the new Memorable But Not Honorable Records Compilation Saturday Morning Lineup in our monthly Dusted feature where we share the best covers of the month. It would have been too hard to pick just one of the covers though. You see, Saturday Morning Lineup sees 19 current pop punk faves take on their favorite saturday morning Cartoon theme songs. The concept is not all that new of course, the 1995 Saturday Morning (Cartoons’ Greatest Hits) MCA compilation comes to mind quickly, featuring memorable covers of Ramones, Face To Face and Matthew Sweet of the Spider Man, Popeye and Scooby Doo theme songs. There is just a natural link between cartoons and pop punk or so it seems. Cartoon theme songs should be short, energetic and fun by design. I have fond memories of how Cartoon Network shows often had pop punk sounding theme songs – I Am Weasel by April March is probably my favorite one. Nowadays, Jeff Rosenstock is making waves with his musical work on Craig Of The Creek.

Enter the Saturday Morning Lineup comp, which features artists like Geoff Palmer, The Putz, Vista Blue, Lily Livers, Lesser Creatures, J Prozac and many many more take on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cow and Chicken, Heathcliff and the Gummi Bears. With a concept like this, it’s all about the execution and Saturday Morning Lineup delivers fully on its premise and promise. You need only one spin of this record to be sure that fun will be had by pop punks of all ages!

LP available May 26th through Memorable But Not Honorable Records.

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