New album: VICEPREZ || Tropical Connexion

VICEPREZ are an exciting punk collective from France, Germany and Italy including members of Sport, Smudjas, Young Harts, The Reaction and many more. If you missed their debut LP Jugger, make sure to check that one out. This week, VICEPREZ dropped their sophomore album Tropical Connexion into the digital airwaves, with the LP release expected to ship sometime this Summer.

Leave it to VICEPREZ to record a diverse punk rock LP that feels fresh and inspired. Tropical Connexion harbors a wealth of influences, and could only be written by true fans of punk and hardcore music. LP will be out later this year through SHOVE records, Dispear Records, DON’T TRUST THE HYPE recordz, ADAGIO830, Sonatine Produzioni, Bigoût Records, Inhumano.

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