New album: VICEPREZ || Juger

VICEPREZ is a new collective featuring members of the punk scene of Lyon (France) and bands like Sport, The Reaction and The Smudjas. The band grew out of a shared love for playing pingpong tournaments, playing cards and the punk rock community. The pretty cool album cover of Juger was created by Marco Imov, who provides an indication of how the band recorded their debut LP.

The band finds inspiration in bands like Jodie Faster, Youth Avoiders, Black Flag and the Minutemen, but have created their own brand of melodic punkrock with a hardcore attitude and, dare I say it, a pop heart? Very catchy stuff – listen to Tony Hanks for example. VICEPREZ is a band that doesn’t limit themselves to one subgenre of punk. Juger is a very varied record, and a must listen if you’re up for some exciting, tight and kickass punk rock.

The band keeps piling cool song after cool song. Try Tru My Window for example. What a way to start a record. That handclap around 1:17 that ends the bridge and kickstarts the remainder of the track is such a jolt of awesomeness. It’s followed by the title track that rocks like crazy. I don’t want to spoil the record any further, better to go in without expectation and let yourself be surprised.

One of my favorite discoveries of late. I am definitely buying this! Out now on Berlin label Adagio 830.

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