New album: Single Mothers || Roy

Although Single Mothers (better found online as SM Worldwide, if you want to avoid ads for dating sites) broke up in 2009 according to their bio, they are releasing another full-length six months after their previous album, Everything You Need. Drew Thomson’s London, Ontario-based indie punk band wasn’t supposed to be a band, but that doesn’t stop them from recording great songs and delivering impressive live shows. The cover art of their Roy LP nicely depicts that they have (and had) different faces in every way – band members, topics, genres and sounds may vary. On the ten new songs, the punk roots have shifted to the background in exchange for dynamic indie rock (post-hardcore? post-punk? post-rock?), and that suits them well. The clever (more personal) lyrics and fiery (distinctive) vocals are again quite amazing, the music is energetic and at times incredibly catchy. Standout track Sad Dumb Game (watch a live version below) is an earworm that should be a big hit, but there are many more reasons to add this record to your wantlist.

Roy is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Dine Alone Records.

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