New EP: Night Spins || Woohoo

We really like songs with woo-hoo choruses, so the title of this new EP from Brooklyn, New York-based alternative rock band Night Spins naturally caught our attention. Josh Brocki (lead vocals, guitar), Manquillan Minniefee (lead guitar, vocals), Jesse Starr (bass, vocals) and Andrew Jernigan (drums, vocals) converted a country barn in upstate NY into a recording studio and did their thing, resulting in the three songs that now make up the Woohoo EP – written, recorded and mixed all by themselves. The tunes are as sing-along as hoped (“All my friends they dressed their best // Will dance until we’re black and blue like we never left // Singing // Woohoo”), but both lyrically (false pretense and dark fantasies) and musically (flawless hooks and uplifting tempo changes) they provide unexpected cleverness. The title track stands out, but Cereal and Big Black Book are also worth your attention, not least because of the guitar outbursts and intense, raw vocals.

The Woohoo EP is out now digitally and on CD (self-produced and self-released). The CD contains 11 tracks in total: the 3 brand new songs, all the singles released after the 2018 debut album, and 2 live performances.

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