New album: Lone Wolf || Haze Wave

Lone Wolf, Lone Wolf. What are we going to do today?

I’d suggest playing Haze Wave, which is album #3 by Rotterdam’s most contagious indiepunk band. Lone Wolf has a distinct sound that is build on the synchronized singing of bass player Ox Accelerator and guitarist Merel Schaap, the cool and collected guitar playing of Damien Buquet and the relentlessly reliable drumming of Ivo Backbreaker. Together, these four musicians operate as a tight unit where the sum exceeds its parts.

If you’ve heard Lone Wolf before, Haze Wave will sound familiar. Like their previous work, the new LP is full of high energy modern indie punk anthems. There is no stagnation with the band though, they are still finding ways to improve their songwriting and sharpen their hooks. Listen to Ready To Break (or watch the video below) for example, a song that gets better with each passing second. Haze Wave showcases Lone Wolf in their best version yet, and it’s a joy to witness. Lone Wolf will make you tremble, they will offer you quite the experience. Between this release and the Dutch National Championship of Feyenoord, what a week for Rotterdam! ❤️🤍🖤

Haze Wave is out now through Stardumb Records. You can also find it at Brassneck (UK), The Machine Shop (US), Endless Detention (Australia), and Striped Music (Italy).

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