New EP: Faulty Cognitions || Demo

Heads up: here is a new band that has upped my excitement level from zero to one hundred in mere seconds. Faulty Cognitions are from San Antonio (Texas) and if my amateur detective skills are not mistaken, the band features Chris Mason of Dirt Cult Records, Low Culture and Shang-A-Lang. The outfit recently toured with Marked Men and Colleen Green, and I wish I’d attended, because those acts are mighty complementary. Faulty Cognitions play scrappy punk rock that is really really loud and unpolished but equally melodic and they play with heart, so much heart. Faulty Cognitions are veterans of a scene they clearly still care strongly about. I mean, just listen to the Let the Kids Have The Scene, read the lyrics, and feel the cathartic delivery of the chorus.

“Goddamn it now I’m getting older
Watching the pit from the back of the show
I’m getting tired, I might make an early exit
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know
Still feel at home at the record store
A little more money than I did before
Grab my headphones, let the kids have the scene
Never thought I’d make it, if you know what I mean”

I am so aboard on the Faulty Cognitions hype train. Wow!

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