New album: Oracle Sisters || Hydranism

The Paris-based Oracle Sisters are neither oracles nor sisters, but they sure know how to write melody after melody that are as memorable and moody as they are addictive and timeless. Their EPs Paris I (with audience favorite Asc. Scorpio) and Paris II (“dreamlike stories and a light Mac De Marco vibe“) were year-end list worthy, and their debut full-length Hydranism (including a tune called Paris III) probably will be too. On a remote Greek island during lockdown, Lewis Lazar (electric guitar, keys, bass, vocals), Christopher Willatt (acoustic guitar, vocals) and Julia Johansen (percussion, vocals) recorded eleven original songs that can be classified as jangly dream pop with an eye for detail, but also as soulful folk with goosebumps-inducing harmony vocals. The cinematic music reflects the poetry of the lyrics (you can almost feel the Hot Summer), making this a very appealing record.

Hydranism, produced by Oracle Sisters & Maxime Kosinetz, is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through 22TWENTY. Featuring Cyprien Jacquet aka Wend¥ Kill (drums, percussion), Jerome Goldet (bass), Reni Lane (piano), Leonard Le Cloarec (sax, clarinet), Pierre Rioufol (accordion) and Joshua Rouah (piano, eventide).

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