New album: The Liquorice Experiment || How Many Lies

The men responsible for The Liquorice Experiment hail from Valencia, Spain, but nowadays they can be found more often in London, UK. Although they are too young to have consciously experienced the sixties, that is the period in which they live musically. They’ve been on the stage with their garage beat for about six years, and they’ve shared quite a few tunes through their Bandcamp page, but now their full-length debut album How Many Lies has been released with new and original material. You’ll hear twelve appealing R&B stompers of around three minutes, with an instrumental called Outro halfway through. All songs are energetic and upbeat, but not raucous and untamed – chock full of danceable rhythms and lively hooks.

How Many Lies is out now digitally and soon on vinyl LP – in mono – through Snap!! Records Spain.

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