New single: CC Voltage || Berliner Pilsner

Last time we checked in with CC Voltage aka Chad Cornies, he was casually cycling his way to a studio booked by Richard Branson, who gave his band Autogramm one final opportunity to record a hit. Of course, you never put all of your money in one basket, so Cornies also has been working on a side project: a two-song single that will be out on 7″ through Spanish label Snap! Records.

While CC Voltage’s name may be on the cover in a huge font size, these two songs are by no means a solo endeavour. Cornies reached out to some (former and current) band members from The Spitfires and The Black Halos (James Solyom, Jay Milette, Rich Jones, Graham Tuson) as well as James Sullivan (More Kicks) to help him out. It sounds like they had a blast.

This resulted in two excellent sleazy, glammy and poppy rock’n’roll tracks that are multilayered and pack a punch. Title track Berliner Pilsner, referencing Cornies’ decade living in the German city, is a major hit. Flipside Bummer Party is dynamic and has an earworm chorus. Two songs that get better the louder you play them. And vice versa.

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