New album: Kepi Ghoulie || Full Moon Fever

I count Kepi Ghoulie as pop punk royalty. His distinct voice, infectious enthusiasm and love for music has brought us countless memorable songs, moments and shows. He truly is a positive force in underground music. After the beloved Groovie Ghoulies called it quits, Kepi has built quite the discography as a solo artist. His latest is called Full Moon Fever, a record that started as a challenge from Slackers drummer Ara Babajian: would he, together with B-Face on bass, be interested in transforming their shared love for the darker side of rock, pop, goth, and new wave eras into a covers album? They quickly made a selection of songs by The Cure, Nick Cave, Jesus and the Mary Chain, Lou Reed, Mazzy Star, The Lords Of The New Church, and Peter Murphy. Looking at their track list, they decided that with the addition of Heroes (Bowie) and Cosmic Dancer (T-Rex), they would create a personal desert island mix tape – about the most convincing argument to include these classics.

Full Moon Fever is out now through Pirates Press Records – with artwork of Tom Neely and pressed on neon violet vinyl. It’s a covers record that stays away from parody and irony. Nor should you expect one-for-one copies of the originals. What you will get? A fun record full of tasteful renditions and lively reimaginations of well and lesser known classics – below are some of my current favorites. And if this record has gotten you excited, did you know that Pirates Press plans on reissuing several records from Kepi’s back catalogue, including several Groovie Ghoulies LP’s? Siked for that as well, but first things first. Put on Full Moon Fever and enjoy the ride.

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