New album: Teen Angst || Barn Sour

Are you ready for Teen Angst? I hope so, because their new LP Barn Sour is like a well-aimed Cupid’s arrow and henceforth should come with a warning sign. There is something about the indie pop on Barn Sour that will make you want to keep it close, play it repeatedly. The quartet from Perth (Australia) self-describe as dreamy anti-social pop, with songs about “eating last nights dinner all over again for lunch, being tragically late to every event, doom scrolling on your phone …and the difficulties in keeping a cactus and/or relationship alive.”

Barn Sour is Teen Angst’s debut LP, but has been years in the making. The art direction implies we’re dealing with a countryfied psych band like Allah-Las. Instead, I’m hearing indie pop, surf pop, garage pop and jangle influences. Diversity is a strength in the sonic universe of Teen Angst. If you’re looking for something punchy and upbeat, listen to Leave Home and Asleep. Looking for something dreamy and jangly? Listen to the delightful Home In A Minute. And if you are looking for a something nostalgic, or something full of melancholy? Well, you’ll find that throughout most of the record.

Barn Sour is the kind of record where it doesn’t make sense to highlight standout tracks, because most of them are. The vocal performances of Michelle Yeong and Connor Patmore make these songs shine even brighter. At the end of the record awaits the heart strings pulling eponymous song – what a voice, what a closer, what a record. If you like quality pop music, pencil this one in for your end-of-the-year list.

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