New album: Mark Murphy And The Meds || Monochrome

“You’re just another punk song, Running around my brain,” Mark Murphy sings around the midpoint of Monochrome, the sophomore Mark Murphy And The Meds LP. It’s a fitting statement of the band from Liverpool that has made its raison d’être to underpromise and overdeliver in terms of quality melodic punk rock. In this genre it’s all too easy to get lost in the pack, but Mark Murphy And The Meds are the kind of band that can safely look over their shoulder at the finish line without dropping a sweat.

Listening to Monochrome is a blast, and a great mood inducing experience. The LP is full of vibrant, energetic and super catchy punk tunes competing for the next spot on your Summer playlists. It’s a good looking record as well due to the art direction provided by Tom Lowell.

“Just another punk song” is an euphemism when the song comes from the brains and hands of Mark Murphy And The Meds. Monochrome is out now through Bloated Kat, All In Vinyl, Brassneck, Waterslide Records, Horn & Hoof, and Kezy P Recs.

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