New Album: Spice World || There’s No “I” In Spice World

You know that experience of browsing LPs at your favorite record store and slowly being drawn in by the record playing in the background? The tension slowly building until you just have to know what the record is? Spice World’s debut LP There’s No “I” The Spice World is that kind of record. And not because it’s a flawless record. It’s not, and that’s part of its charm, but more on that later. It’s because the record walks a tightrope between a mixture of soundscapes in the indie pop universe, and you constantly wonder what’s next and where the song will take you. At times ramshackle, loose and rockin’, at other times slow, moody and subdued, each of the songs on the record feels spontaneous.

There is a sense of innocence and pureness to the music of Spice World that you can’t fake. I guess that kind of magic happens when you get a bunch of friends together to create music whenever they feel like it and time allows it. Speaking of that laissez-fare approach, the band recorded the ten songs in one 5-hour session with no idea or intention to release it as a record. Hence the lack of perfection, hence the realness of this record.

Spice World are Jonny Burrows, Lyndon Blue, Rhian Toddhunter and Julia Sudden from Australia (Whadjuk Noongar Boodja). Call it ad-hoc slacker pop, call it kitchen table punk, call it homemade jangle pop, indie minimalism or whatever you like. It’s all good in the Spice World. And yes, there are Spice Girls references on this record. Purchase There’s No “I” The Spice World at Meritorio Records (Spain/Europe), Tenth Court (Australia) or through the record store of your choice.

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