New album: The Beach Berserkers || Revenge of the Skinny Fat Silverback

In Aarhus (Denmark) it’s rainy today, with a temperature of about 6°C, and wind speed varying between 3 and 7 m/s. Yet that’s where the most summery and exciting new surf rock release comes from. Please meet The Beach Berserkers, the band of brothers Svend and Ole Jeppesen, influenced by surf, spaghetti westerns, spy and horror movie soundtracks. They debuted over two years ago with their great debut single Brand New Speedos, with which their first full-length album Revenge of the Skinny Fat Silverback now kicks off. With the other nine instrumental tunes that follow, the duo shows that they easily can come up with more original melodies and witty song titles, something that’s actually quite difficult when you realize how abundant this genre already is. Pretty cool stuff. Look, is that the sun breaking through there?

Revenge of the Skinny Fat Silverback is out now digitally and on vinyl LP via Les Devon Records, CD’s to follow soon.

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