New EP: GhostDog || Così Parlò Fitzcarraldo

Italian musician and author Manuel Lieta was already active in the Milanese indie underground in the late 90s, first playing in Pranxter, then in the ’00s as founder of Stardog. Eventually he got sick of the scene there, the years of struggle and the infantry of the people involved. Now, based in Berlin, he’s back with newfound energy and new music, as GhostDog. Here’s the debut EP Così parlò Fitzcarraldo under that moniker, featuring five original tracks not only sung in Italian but also sounding as if they are descended from an arthouse film that takes place there. This is cinematic indie rock with touches of post-punk and psych, dark and thrilling, with sensual or ominous lyrics. Not for everyone, but well worth it.

Così Parlò Fitzcarraldo is out now digitally via Gelo Dischi.

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