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This is the third time we write about The Smashing Times. For good reason, the band just dropped their fourth release and all have been great – the only one we did not cover was released before we started Add To Wantlist. The latest is out today and called Bloom. It is their debut on Meritorio Records and their first on 12″ vinyl. ICYMI, The Smashing Times took their name from a Television Personalities song and the band The Times. That tells you a bit of what to expect, but Bloom shows that The Smashing Times can find inspiration anywhere and anytime.

Bloom is an interesting record, and I mean that in the best possible way. It has songs that are instantly enjoyable, like Diana, Waiting For The Sun, Come Out In The Sun And Play, The Reed Cutter, and Lost, When I Remember. Those reflect the underground pop side of Smashing Times (HITS!). But there are also a lot of quirky and experimental tracks on Bloom. Songs that may not click with you instantly, but will grow on you with each play. More importantly, the sequencing of Bloom make the more challenging songs contrast nicely with the more poppy tracks, bringing the best out of eachother.

Poppy, of course is a relative term in case of The Smashing Times, a band that is delightfully and deliberatively unpolished. On Bloom, they are also a band exploring different sounds. It’s not just ’80s underground pop, but they take influences from ’60s pop to freakbeat and psych as well. There also hints of influences from nonwestern music and different cultures.

With Bloom, The Smashing Times sure push the boundaries of what I’d normally listen to. I wouldn’t expect anything different from the band and wouldn’t have it any other way. The Smashing Times are a mind opening band that stimulates you to explore new music and expand your record collection in new directions.

Add to wantlist: Bandcamp || Meritorio

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