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Does James Goodson ever sleep? The music publicist/podcast host/musician seems to live in a parallel universe where time constraints do not exist. His output as Dazy is particularly impressive. It’s one thing to write and record so many songs in what essentially is an one-man operation (“Big room hooks with bedroom production” is Goodson’s ethos), it’s a whole other beast when you regard the consistent high quality of the output. OUTOFBODY, Dazy’s latest, is no exception.

One thing that makes the music of Dazy so irressistible is its familiarity. OUTOFBODY sounds like Goodson made us all a mixtape of everything he liked about ’90s music. There is britrock/britpop, there is ’90s alt pop and college rock, there is jangle. Mix in the early ’90s takeover by Nirvana and Green Day, and you get a record that is concise yet full of hooks, full of energy and full of heart. S.W. Lauden sums up OUTOFBODY best in his interview with Goodson at The Big Takeover: “Imagine Sugar era Bob Mould teaming up with Beck circa Mellow Gold to record a late-‘90s Britpop album. Or The Jesus & Mary Chain time-traveling from the mid-‘80s to a bedroom recording session in 2022 to make a pop punk album of British Invasion covers.”

The LP version of OUTOFBODY is out now on Lame-O Records, Tape on Convulse Records.

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