New album: Glossy Clouds || Mess and Mania

Glossy Clouds is the arty music project of Jérôme Bralet and Hugo Merle from Lyon, France, convincingly assisted by three female guest vocalists. They just released their full-length debut album Mess and Mania, they also made a video for all the songs. After several spins I’m still not sure this band fits our blog, but I can say it’s pretty good. The duo cites Arctic Monkeys, Queens Of The Stone Age and Pink Floyd as influences, but I think we should also mention Arcade Fire and Talking Heads: “We have this soul and gospel side to us. We really love to make groovy rock (…) and want to create a sexy glam atmosphere.” I hear funky pop music injected with post-punk influences – colorful, danceable and catchy – although a few tracks, like My Devil, are indeed a lot heavier then the hit songs here, like She’s Borderline. An ambitious, versatile and successful debut LP.

Mess and Mania is out now on all streaming services and on CD through KWS Blank Canvas Music. Add to wantlist: HMV

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