New album: The Rubs || Dust

There was an insane amount of interesting releases Friday – which we hopefully get to catch up to soon, but I got distracted when I noticed Joey Rubbish applying a mobile AED to revive the heartbeat of AM radio. And so here I am, taking a fourth consecutive spin of Dust, his latest release under The Rubs moniker. Still not satiated.

It’s been five years since Impossible Dream, and although The Rubs is an one man band, that’s a long time. But clearly Joey Rubbish used the time wisely. Dust is goddamn perfect and clever in all of its powerpop glory. With songs like I Want You, Dana, I Don’t Wanna Wait and What Did I Do, Rubbish proves that pop perfection is not limited to 3-minute songs. And with Hang On To Me, he shows that Thin Lizzy is still very much alive today. Meanwhile, the amount of hooks in these 44 minutes is simply staggering.

If you listen to just one record today, make it this one. Dust is out now through Hozac Records.

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