New album: Neil Brogan || Things Keep Getting In The Way

A solo record by Neil Brogan of Sea Pinks, Girls Names and Cruising fame? That doesn’t just sound good on paper. Things Keep Getting In The Way offers 30 minutes of smooth jangle guitars, laid back vocals, and simply great melodies. Admittedly, this isn’t the first solo release by Brogan – there is a lot to discover on his Bandcamp page, but to my knowledge it’s the first solo release with a physical (CD) release. That makes sense, because I think it contains the best of his recent recordings. Brogan has a knack for writing tunes that make you feel good. The combination of his voice and the clean jangle guitar riffs has a soothing effect.

Things Keep Getting In The Way is life summarized in six words, but Brogan makes it sound like the world is alright after all (or will be). There even is a song on here called I’m In A Good Mood. Same, Neil. Same!

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