New album: The Pinheads || The Mirror

Have The Pinheads come of age or is it the circumstances under which The Mirror came about? The Australian six-piece manages to maintain the high level we heard on their first two LPs, but on album number 3 the garage / surf punk sound has evolved into rock ‘n’ roll with an alt-country feel. The ten new songs were written, recorded and mixed during the tumultuous bushfire season in the ‘Black Summer’ of 2019/2020 and the Covid pandemic that followed. With an almost 6-minute opening track entitled Heart Of Darkness you’d expect nothing but gloom, but the band emphasizes that their intention was “to find light amongst the madness, roving through trial, tribulation and ultimately, salvation.” The lockdown resulted in some extra time to create a hand-drawn video frame by frame, but everything is also well thought out musically. This is a mesmerizing, impressive record.

The Mirror is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Farmer & The Owl.

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