New single: Tommy And The Rockets || The Hottest Store In Town

Today we celebrate Record Store Day, a day when it’s actually too crowded to enjoy a visit to the record store, and the special releases are often hard to find or too expensive. It’s a cliché, but every day is a good day to buy some new music. Anyway, cool RSD things happen locally. Danish Ramones-loving powerpop outfit Tommy And The Rockets – Thomas Stubgaard (vocals, guitars, bass, drums), supported by Connor Fitzgerald (piano), known for Beer And Fun And Rock ‘n’ Roll – made an unofficial Record Store Day 2022 7″ flexi disc promo, exclusively for the Record Pusher vinyl store in Odense, Denmark, handed out for free with orders over 400 kroner (only 300 copies pressed through 1st Time Records). The single contains one full song – The Hottest Store In Town is catchy as can be – and three shorts jingles that pay tribute to the store and it’s owner Bo Ellegaard (“The only pusher your mom would approve of”). Now that’s a very cool celebration, right?

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