New album: Good Looks || Bummer Year

On their full-length debut album Bummer Year, Austin, Texas based 4-piece Good Looks share seven beautiful, honest 4-minute songs with smart lyrics that contribute to a better world. Tyler Jordan (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jake Ames (lead guitar), Robert Cherry (bass), and Phil Dunne (drums) captivatingly blend political folk and blue-collar indie rock into extended tracks that sound layered and bright at the same time – compliments to producer/engineer Dan Duszynski. The music is texturally very interesting, and although there’s even room for guitar solos, it’s striking how well the instruments and vocals complement each other. The LP offers half an hour of hypnosis that hits you hard in a pleasant way, a powerful and mighty debut.

“All my friends from high school // They all bought motorcycles // Joined up with a bike gang, supported Donald Trump // I don’t think they’re evil // Even when they’re awful”

Bummer Year is out now digitally, on cassette, CD and vinyl LP through Keeled Scales.

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PS The band announced that lead guitar player Jake was struck by a vehicle after a show last Friday night. He’s still in the hospital, let’s hope he recovers soon. The rest of the April tour has been cancelled.

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