New album: Good Looks || Lived Here for a While

It doesn’t seem all that special what Tyler Jordan (rhythm guitar, lead vocals), Jake Ames (lead guitar), Robert Cherry (bass) and Phillip Dunne (drums) of Austin-based indie folk/slacker rock quartet Good Looks bring to the stage, but somehow it has an irresistible and addictive effect on me. Their first LP Bummer Year made it into the top 3 of my 2022 year-end list, and successor Lived Here for a While hits the mark again. The fact that this album exists is a miracle in itself; immediately after their triumphant hometown debut record release show, Jake was hit by a car, fracturing his skull and tailbone, but ultimately here he is again.

The cover photo by Amanda Julia Steinback suggests that the band continues in the same vein, and that turns out to be the case, although the guitar riffs sound a little more vicious and varied. We get ten indie rock songs with relatable lyrics about all kinds of relationships (“You know music theory, but you can’t feel the vibe // Let me show it to you, it comes from deep inside // Mine was put there by my parents, a place for me to hide // And if I didn’t have it, I probably would have died” – from Self-destructor), songs that have cracked the magic formula for the right balance of loud and soft, fast and slow, heart and soul. And that’s pretty special.

Lived Here for a While, recorded, mixed & produced by Dan Duszynski, is out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP, through Keeled Scales. Also featuring Vanessa Jollay (back-up vocals) and Dan Duszynski (additional instrumentation and background vocals).

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